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Our migration

Boozhoo!! Kitaay Bizhikikwe ndizhinikaaz, waabizheshi ndodem.  Anishinaabe, miinwaa Métis ndow, bezho Mide kwe ndow. My name is Kitaay Bizhikikwe, I also use my English name, Amanda Myers. I am of the marten clan, and a member of the Three Fires Midewiwin Confederacy. As someone of blended lineage I draw inspiration from my fathers' Anishinaabe and Métis family lines of Cadotte/Cadeau and Myers/Maillette, the oldest place that we come from being Mooningwaanikaaning, or Madeline Island, Wisconsin. Due to the movement of my ancestors I do not claim a community, but honor these family lines. I equally honor my mothers' lines of Peel and Cook connecting me to English and Welsh ancestry. My daughter Zuhsaway asagay kwe is my budding business partner, and also honors her deeply rooted lineage in Neyaashiinigmiing/Cape Croker and Shawanaga, both in northern Ontario.


Together we create, and from our connection to the land around us, finding magic in all the small places. Motivated by that magic we turned our compass west and followed our family to Salt Spring Island here in British Columbia.

Just Salty is a hub for us to plug in our creations to share with the world, from serious to silly. My goal is to honor all those that have come before me, the support of my parents, and my Mide family far and wide. Quoting my dear niece Shki Aandeseh, "Auntie, just do your best, do your best not to paddle in circles!", and that is what I promise to do, my best. 

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